No, these are not the lyrics of James Bay song. Let me tell you I am still learning this art called Let it go”. It is not a canvas that you can paint and also not a guitar that you can shift chords on. In my view it is a way of life that I need to learn. All previous years trying to race people on my recovery runs or trying to catch cyclists on a tempo runs didn’t turn out to be a great idea. It is a great intention that you can have for a race day but not on a day when you have scrambled legs by running 100 miles a week.

As of now there are no races. People can’t run big city marathons or track with solid packed roads/tracks full of runners forming different packs. Isn’t this the shoddiest time of our lives ? You can’t go out and run with a friend or pull off a long run on Sunday. More shitty ! Right ? But you know what, I didn’t let it take over my senses this time because I said “Let It Go !” Let go the things you can’t control and control the actual things that you can control, like using this time to sieve your knowledge, reading quite good books (Out of Thin Air is what I will suggest) or basically build a strong base for the upcoming season.

People are dying. They are losing their jobs. And we never know who’s next. I think I can deal with this equation of racing uncertainty. I’m not going to whine about not being able to race. It is what it is and that’s part of being a good adult human being, knowing that things will almost never go your way and that you always should learn from things and focus on the positives.

Okay, I said positives ? 2020 November turned out to be a month of my PR’s From 5k to 13.1 miles I hitted new personal records. I ll not mention them or my mileage here because only fools run for numbers a serious runner goes behind his life goal and for me that is to be a faster guy as I grow older. For that I need to do few simple things like more reading, more running and more cross training and stretching.

I know I have a great leg turnover and I want to put these legs on that Mondo. Don’t want to hit marathon until I age like a fine wine and when it will be good to drink I want to hit a decent time. I am working on the finishing speeds, setting up a huge base for the season and making heart and lungs super adaptive. Well, heart rate doesn’t elate me. I’ve even seen it touching 180 bpm while walking up a hill.

Unless like 2019 I am not stuck in a rut. I now know how not to get burned out. And let me tell you at that phase I ran the highest weekly mileage of my life, even though before every run I used to say “Oh god! I need a break from this now.” but that break never really happened. But despite the mileage being more than it was in 2019, I didn’t burn out this time and I got faster. Partly because of the work from home and me learning the subtle art of saying no and mostly because of the more experience and knowledge. The way I schedule my training block is now of running most easy, sometimes long, sometimes hard and sometimes both. I lack training friends and sometimes it brings me to tears that how do people find the like minded training partners. But again, “Let it go”. I now have a bunch of reliable friends and family and they are quite supportive and that’s the thing I love about this life. I am beholden to them.

Okay, I guess it is time to wind this up. I hope we all let go this hard time. I am sure the racing scene and normal times are not that far away. I have to lay a good foundation this time for the fall season and test out my legs with some fastest people in the country.

After that I will plan a road race in winters where I will return with a renewed vigor and possibly some new guidance.

Human at sight.